Ten steps to a good research paper (How to study 사이트의 내용)

논문작성의 팁 (How to study의 내용에서... )

[Ten steps to a good research paper]

To write a good research paper, you must be specific about your topic,

know what you want to say, and say it effectively.

Following these ten steps will help you write a good research paper.

1. choose your topic

 When choosing a topic, choose one in which you are interested, and for which

 which there is enough information.

 If your topic is too broad, you will have difficulty completing your paper.

 "The Effects of Pollution" is too broad because there are so many effects of

 pollution. "The Effects of Pollution on Geese in the Northeast Section of Duluth,

 Minnesota" is too narrow. You are not likely to find much information that 

 is ths specific. "The Effects of Pollution in Yosemite National Park" is just

 about right as a topic.

2. locate information

3. prepare biblography cards

4. prepare note cards

5. prepare an outline

6. write a rought draft

7. revise your rough draft

8. prepare your biblography

9. prepare a title page and table of contents

10. final checklist.

    before handing in your paper, be sure you can answer "Yes" to each of the following questions

    - did i include a title page?

    - did i include a table of contents?

    - did i number all pages correctly?

    - did i provide footnotes for quatations and major sources of information?

    - did i include a biblography?

    - did i keep a second copy for my files?